Photo Experiences

At Geek Chic, the content we take is all-digital, high quality and completely customised to your event. From snap to socials in less than 30 seconds, we provide GIFs, Boomerangs, Stories, Videos, Photos and more, with professional lighting and eye catching booths.

Your Style, Our Design

Our team will design your unique photo layout, incorporating your theme, colours, backdrop and branding.

Your Style, Our Design

The Social

QR Sharing
Compact Space
Social Content
Custom Layouts
Choice of Backdrop
Attendant Included

The Social Package includes:

Our sleek 20-inch ring light Photo Booth, with a choice from our collection of premium backdrops, two high-powered led wand lights to produce a soft, even light (so good people take selfies in it!), customised graphics and a choice of Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs and Slow-Mo content. 

Our fantastic directors of photography will always be on-hand to help you capture the best possible content.

The Impact

Super HD Photos
Studio Lighting
Customisable Designs
QR Sharing
Choice of Backdrop
Compact space
Social Content
Custom Layouts
Attendant Included

Expanding on The Social, we custom-designed our second flagship photo booth, The Impact.

Included in the Impact are all of the features of the Social, plus a super-high resolution Mirrorless Camera that takes beautiful and crisp photos, videos and slow-mo's ideal for sharing online or on larger screens. We also include extra studio-style lighting, our 'beauty dish' lighting to capture your guests in all their glory, and a sleek white design, perfect for Weddings.

We also offer the option to upgrade to our ‘glam booth’ package, with enhanced, black-and-white images and magazine style overlays, for super-repostable social content.

The Impact can be wrapped with printed vinyl decals to match branding or your designs.

The 360

Hi Res Video
Slow-Mo Capture
Mirrorless Camera
Sharing Station
QR Sharing
studio lighting
compact space*
Attendant Included

360-degree, slow-motion videos.

Our 3-person platform combines our top-of-the-range mirrorless camera, super bright LED lighting, and our unique sharing station, so once content is taken it can be instantly shared to your mobile devices.

Our 360-degree spinning arm rotates around you, capturing slow motion video, and we overlay your themed template to create the finished product.

We also include barrier ropes and stunning tube lights around the platform, creating a focal point and ensuring safety. 

Our Directors of Photography help encourage, hype-up and make sure we get the best possible content from your guests in The Spin. 

The Ball Pit

Over 4000 Balls
HD Photos
Studio Lighting
QR Sharing
Requires 3m2
SOcial Content
Custom Layouts
Attendant Included

The big one, our completely unique mobile ball-pit, with over 4,000 ball-pit balls, lit up in your choice of colour. 

Our overhead Mirrorless camera captures awesome shots of people in the ball pit, and just like all of our other photo products, snaps and slow-mo's can be instantly shared via QR code and Airdrop. 

We include two Directors of Photography in all of our Ball Pit packages, to ensure safety and help you capture the best photos possible.

Included in the setup are all of the accessories you’d ever need, from earring-holding containers to rope barriers and more.

Don’t worry, we clean our balls thoroughly between every event!

The Studio

Wireless Possibilities
roaming or static
ultra compact
red carpet ready
social content
Custom layouts
choice of backdrop
Attendant Included

Red-Carpet style content? Think Studio.

The Studio is a fully-featured, super low profile and mobile photo booth, with all of the features of our flagship photo booths in an ultra-compact package. 

Our studio combines a Mirrorless camera with a sharing touchscreen, diffused flash and professional grade grip stand, competing in quality and speed with press-pack photographers while uploading to an online gallery for immediate access, and allowing guests instant sharing.

Photos can be taken, processed and uploaded in as little as 5 seconds, meaning consistent throughput for arrival photos.

In a press pit, other photographers can easily shoot around the studio while it maintains centre of attention, and a soft box can be added for a high front light, perfect for capturing glam shots.

Consider the Studio for secondary entrance shots, corporate photo opportunities and instant headshots, or to add a touch of hollywood to your event.

The Audio

Audio Guestbook
Retro look
Audio Capture
multiple uses
ultra compact
stand-alone design

Simple, fun, retro and discreet, this one's a brand new crowd favourite, and a fantastic memory maker.

Pick up the phone to a customised answer machine, and leave wishes, confessions or jokes to enjoy later.

All of your messages are edited into either a compilation video, or a collection of short clips, to be shared and enjoyed forever.

We provide our retro phone and instruction sign as standard, and can also add a phone stand, neon signs and more on request.



Pick your product and our team will get to work creating completely customised photo templates, screen graphics and galleries. Logos, digital displays and even music are comprehensively customised for your event. 


Pose in front of one of our collection of backdrops, use our innovative AI Background replacement or lie in a pool of over 4000 ball-pit balls, lit by studio-quality lighting and pose for your photo. 


Share instantly to a mobile device via QR Code, Airdrop or Email and view content on our custom branded online gallery. Photos, Videos and Boomerangs are instantly shareable to all socials, within 30 seconds of your photo being taken. 

Why choose Geek Chic?

Our in-house designers take your theme, style and colours, along with your choice of 12 backdrops, and create a completely bespoke photo layout.

All of our digital screens and displays are also customised to your theme, for a totally unique look.
At Geek Chic, every aspect of your Photo Booth can be completely customised.

You won't find another booth like ours!

Our Photo Booths have been customised by our manufacturers to our specification and are packed with exciting tech, to make your experience the best it can be.

We aim to be innovative, with our exciting concepts and products (like our giant mobile ball pit!) providing something your guests will never have seen before.
We're proud to be doing our bit to keep the planet green.

We only use LED Lighting for our photo products and offer digital-only options for sharing our photos as standard.

We’ve found both our clients and their guests love the all-digital concepts we deliver, and the instant gratification from receiving your image magically.

There's no stacks of unclaimed print-outs, and no chance of people losing their photos while on the dancefloor!