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The Best Ways to Combat Post-Party Blues

So the party is over, the thank you notes have been sent and the last of the prosecco finished off.

Now, before the next party is planned it's likely you're going to experience some post-party blues. We definitely do, anyway. So how to fight them off? We've got some ideas.

When originally writing this article, it was mostly going to be about how Gin can fix life's little low points, but we got to thinking and came up with the things we do when we're missing the party season, and want to get back out there.

These little tips and tricks helped us through a whole pandemic, so hey, it may help you with the missing-dancing-blues too.

Photos and Video

We always recommend clients to have phone-free parties, to live in the moment, carpe diem style. But if you, like us, get a little down in the dumps when not being able to see what happened at a party, we recommend setting some time aside to find a brilliant photographer or videographer to capture the event as you saw it, so you can look back on the happy times and see all the moments you may have missed when at the bar, or dancing the night away.

We think video is especially important for Weddings, and always encourage our clients to invest in a videographer if they can.

Get Dancing Again!

You might feel a bit silly doing it, but we had regular solo dance sessions during a time when we couldn't get out to events ourselves. So why not put your favourite playlist on, turn the volume up and have a dance, whilst doing the hoovering, tending the garden or just, well, whenever really. Trust us, we don't like the whole dance-like-nobody's-watching cliche. Dance like you mean it, and if John from next door joins in, you've spread the love just a little bit more.

If you want inspiration for music to dance to, ask your event planner for their top tracks, they'll be happy to share their Spotify playlists with you, and you might discover some new music you've never heard before.

Our Website

Hear us out here!

We've got tons of amazing music acts, and almost all of them have brilliant videos. If you want to get in the party spirit, why not have a look through our event content and listen to some talented musicians do their thing! It'll be like you're there with us, but through a screen, maybe in your pyjamas. Actually, that sounds brilliant. I know what I'm doing this weekend!