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Having worked in the professional music world for a number of years as a musical director, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Scott saw a gap in the entertainment market. With this in mind, he created Ultimatum, a technology and music fusion, proving that live event entertainment can compete against the world’s best concert stages.

By combining lighting, sound and music technology, Ultimatum presents a unique and visceral experience, with an electric energy, leaving you awe-struck and itching to get on the dancefloor.

This new-age one-man-band, meets concert, meets DJ brings the best of pop, rock and dance music to life before your eyes, constructing your favourite songs seemingly from thin air.

Theatre Includes:

Interesting Fact About Ultimatum:

Fact File

Act Type - Loop Performer

Styles - Dance, House, Party, Pop

Ideal for Corporate, Private Parties, Festivals

Singers -

Musicians - One Live Loop Performer

Set Lengths - Multiple set times available

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A Small Taste of Ultimatum

Ultimatum blends DJ, Musician, Band and Loop Station into one seamless performance.


I know from experience that it’s difficult to choose live entertainment for an important occasion, particularly one you don't get to see in person. But not only is Ultimatum superb in the promotional video but he sounded exactly the same (if not better!) in real life and so exciting to have such a unique presentation of one person doing...everything!!

Jon & Gilli - Birthday Party, Manor Barn, Chichester