If you’re searching for a sax player with serious energy, Luke’s your guy.

He takes improv to the extreme, seamlessly blending with the music your DJ plays and then side-swiping your guests with complex riffs which elevate the music your DJ plays to a whole new level.

Luke uses both tenor and alto sax (sort of like a musical buy-one-get-one-free) to switch up his sound between songs, and coming from a performance background with years of experience in rocking events, Luke’s stage presence is sure to get the crowd bouncing.

Luke can be attached to a wireless system too, so he can free-roam the crowd, interacting with guests and hyping up the party!

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Interesting Fact About Luke:

Fact File

Act Type - Saxophonist

Styles - Improv Sax over DJs, Party, Pop, Dance, House

Ideal for Parties, Weddings, Corporate

Singers -

Musicians - One live Sax Player

Set Lengths - 2x 45 minute sets as standard, multiple set times available

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A Small Taste of Luke

Luke Sax

Luke played for a club event for us as a part of Dapper, and stole the show! He went out into the crowd, danced with guests, and was happy to pose for photos with our guests too. A lovely guy and really talented sax player!