Aoife's professional musical training, vocal range and fresh approach to her instrument makes her one of the most unique entertainment options Geek Chic has to offer.

Blending vocals and harp into one performance, Aoife presents a range of music in her own style, with pop, classical and even dance music blended into a slick performance, ideal for background music, cocktail receptions and more.

With the ability to learn new music, Aoife is perfect for weddings, for aisle music, drinks or even on an outdoor terrace in summer for the ultimate ambience.

Blending in or pulling focus, Aoife adds to parties and events, and can be paired with other acts for all-day entertainment solutions.

Theatre Includes:
Cadogan Hall Concerts

Interesting Fact About Aoife:

Fact File

Act Type - Harpist

Styles - Harp, Classical, Pop

Ideal for Weddings, Cocktail Receptions, Private Events

Singers -

Musicians - One Harpist/Vocalist

Set Lengths - 2x 45 Minute sets as standard, multiple set times available.

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A Small Taste of Aoife

Aoife blends both singing and musicianship into her act, making for a unique and vibrant performance for any occasion.

Aoife - Live Harpist

Aoife - Live At Cadogan Hall

Aoife's voice and playing are just divine. A real gem!